This comprises basically the following major components:

• Rolling Contact Type Voltage Regulator
• Buck/Boost Transformer
• Automatic Control Gear Comprising Driver Motor and Electronic Voltage Sensing Relay.

The variable input is boosted up or bucked down sleeplessly to the required level through the series winding of the buck/boost Transformer.

Applications of the Automatic Voltage Regulator are legion. To name a few are Distribution System Voltage Control, providing stable voltage to Pump Motors thereby maintaining proper output and increasing efficiency , providing stable voltage to cold storages, providing stable voltage to tea processing machinery, Computers, Audio Video Transmission Systems, Defense Equipment, Electronics Components processing, etc.

These offer several advantages:

• Saving in Energy,
• Constant Voltage Output with accuracy ±1%,
• Lesser failure of Electrical Equipment,
• Improvement in Power Factor and reduction in MDI,
• Less Production Loss & Better Efficiency in Plant,
• Better utilization of existing Transformers and Cables.